The family-based global company

C. Gerhardt is a family firm in the finest sense. It has been in family ownership for five generations. Our goal is not short-term success but long-term consolidation and growth. This fundamentally changes our perspective, giving us responsibilities for the future.
Our customers are as important and as valuable to us as if they were part of our family. We feel an obligation to those who use our systems and equipment - wherever they are in the world. Our customers achieve continuously reliable analytical results through unrivalled, ongoing process support and customer service.
The family identity and cosmopolitan atmosphere can be felt throughout our company - from administration, research and development, production through to management level. The company is characterised by recurring values that can be traced back through our history:

  • Confidence: for us, confidence is fundamental to successful cooperation. Our customers place their trust in our capabilities and our word. We place trust in our staff and their know-how. And we cooperate with trustworthy partners.
  • Reliability: anyone who deals with us knows that they can rely on us - as employer, supplier, in after-sales service, and as partners on an equal footing.
  • Long-term vision: it's not just our products that we develop for long-lasting durability, but also our relationships and contacts.
  • Loyalty: through our loyalty towards customers, staff, and partners, we also enjoy loyalty in return.

  • Personal touch: different personalities shape and influence our company. We take personal relationships seriously and look after the people we work with.

  • Involvement: every day our staff strive to achieve the best results, by working together to find a C. Gerhardt solution to customer queries. Our involvement goes beyond the company itself, reaching out into the regions, the environment, and art.


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