Calibration Lab

Calibration Lab

Abadinusa are proud to include virtually all private, industrial, academic and government laboratories as our customers.

Those are involved in routine research and educational activities in fields as diverse as life sciences – such as biotechnology and molecular biology – medicine, chemistry, pharmacology, environment, agriculture, etc.

Scientists are served efficiently by dedicated network of Abadinusa distributors. Selected amongst the best suppliers they carry an inventory of our products and provide technical support, repair and calibration services.

“One stop does it all”

Is the motto of Abadinusa laboratory of pipettes and dispensers calibration, offering a global repair and calibration programme. The choices range from basic maintenance to accredited calibrations of all micropipettes and dispensers according to ISO 8655 & ISO 17025 – whatever their brand.

Thank you for your trust, we are committed to stay your quality partner in liquid handling

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